Dental Extraction Leominster, Fitchburg MA

Dental extractions are simply the removal of a tooth in the mouth. This could be for many reasons such as impacted teeth, teeth that have been altered in shape/size, extra teeth and also teeth that have become unrestorable. These teeth are subject to extraction because they could block other teeth/veins/nerves, end up infecting gums, nerves, vitals, and also just be an annoyance to daily activities like eating or drinking. 
At the adult stages of one’s life, the third molar (wisdom teeth) extraction becomes a necessity for the well-being of the mouth. The third molar extraction is one of the most completed surgical operations in all of dentistry as the third molar can pose a great threat to oral health. Usually at adult stage, the mouth doesn’t have enough room for a third molar to erupt. This can cause serious issues as the thirds molar under the gum can flip upside down and damage vital nerves in the gum. This is very serious and also sometimes can be life-threatening. 

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