Denture  Leominster, Fitchburg MA

Dentures are, at their most basic form, a frame to hold in one or more artificial teeth. This would be for people with gum diseases which caused them to lose a whole swath of teeth, and/or for people who cannot take an implant or bridge, due to risk for gum and/or nerve infection. Dentures are made to blend in with the rest of your mouth and are made of synthetic materials to reduce risk of infecting the gum emulator in the denture. Dentures rest against the top and/or bottom of your mouth and, depending on whether or not your dentures fit well, might require special dental cement that sticks the denture(s) to the roof of your mouth, or at the bottom around your tongue.

Implant supported overdentures are dentures as well with the same basic properties and functionalities, just a little bit more different. As the name suggests, implant supported overdentures are just dentures with implants to keep them in place. This still makes them removable for cleaning, but also strengthens the bond between the real gum and the denture plate.
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